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Motorola Moto G Play (2021)

Motorola has just unveiled four new budget mobile phones namely Motorola One 5G Ace, Moto G Power, Moto G Stylus, and Moto G Play. This blog post is about the Motorola Moto G Play which is the very cheapest model of the recently introduced mobile phones. Thus, it is far from suitable for all users. Of course, the specifications of a smartphone are very important. That future mobile phones in the same series in the future will have the same name as the previous model will only lead to confusion for the consumer. There is a risk that you order a different smartphone than you have thought and if you have ordered the mobile and want to order a mobile case, there is a risk that you order one that does not fit. So another wrong model. The Motorola Moto G9 Play has a plastic chassis, a large display with a teardrop-shaped flap, and relatively thin frames around the display. As usual with mobile phones in this price range, the hook is unnecessarily thick. The mobile phone has a headphone jack

When is it time to change your mobile phone?

A major problem with modern smartphones is that they become obsolete fairly quickly. You can own an expensive flagship mobile and it will be obsolete already after one year if you want to own the very best that there is to offer. Every year we see a small but important development of technology with more powerful processors, new functions, and new technology. Even people who do not think it is so important to have the latest top mobiles will relatively soon have to think about getting a new one. We use our smartphones for more and we install more applications to perform different tasks. Apps take up space and need to be updated regularly, which consumes more of the phone's built-in memory. Eventually, the memory capacity will run out. Therefore, it is best to have a cell phone with a lot of built-in memory. The most common reason why you need to look for a new smartphone is that it has become so obsolete that it is no longer able to perform the basic tasks in an acceptable way. The

Rumors of upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21

A lot of details have been revealed thanks to most of the leaks regarding the upcoming flagship mobile Samsung Galaxy S21. It is common for a lot of different rumors to arise before the launch of popular top mobiles, but it is usually just unconfirmed rumors and nothing else. What is known for sure is that the models will have faster, more powerful processors compared to the equivalent mobile phones launched the year before. Because something else would be a scandal. An upgraded camera system is also expected. According to alleged leaked images on the Samsung Galaxy S21, it has a flatter design when it comes to the display. The mobile phone manufacturer Samsung seems to deviate more and more from the curved displays they have used in their flagships in recent years. In terms of design, the newer models look pretty much like the Samsung Galaxy S20, but the rear camera module has been moved all the way to the left long side edge, but the module is still rectangular. Some sources say that

What can we expect from smartphones 2021?

Every year, new fantastic smartphones are launched in all price ranges and categories that both entertain us and help us in our everyday lives. Smartphones have become extremely important in people's lives. Your mobile phone is no longer just a tool for communicating with others, but you use it for so much more than that. Although some users do not seem to really understand it. In addition to just making calls, you use your mobile phones to manage your finances, improve your health (exercise apps, pedometers, etc.), watch movies, play mobile games, and more. It is the fact that smartphones have so many uses that make them so interesting and that is what has greatly contributed to their popularity. For each year, the development takes several steps forward and this year is no exception. As usual, the new top processors will still be more powerful than the previous ones, but what more will we see in this year's mobile phones?  The display image update frequencies will increase fu

Honor 10X Lite

Honor 10X Lite is a budget mobile in the middle segment that was launched in October 2020 and is an upgrade of Honor 9X Lite. The mobile phone usually has a large display with fairly thin frames and it feels well-constructed with a plastic back that can easily be mistaken for glass. The rounded edges around the phone are also made of plastic. In the middle of the upper edge of the large display is a round hole for the selfie camera and on the back of a rectangular camera module are four more camera lenses. In terms of design, one would not think that the Honor 10X is a cheap budget mobile in the middle segment because it is robust, relatively large, and heavy. There is nothing unique about the look of this mobile, but it looks like many other mobile phones out there, but if you are looking for a new smartphone among all other categories than the top mobiles, you rarely get anything unique. The mobile phone has a fingerprint reader which is located on the right long side of the mobile i

Xiaomi Mi 11

Xiaomi Mi 11 which is Xiaomi's upcoming flagship mobile was unveiled on December 28th. This mobile phone has a partly new design and is the first mobile phone with the latest top processor from American Qualcomm.  The display is large with curved edges and a round hole in the display for the selfie camera.  The display bends not only on the left and right long sides as with the Xiaomi Mi 10, but on all four sides, so the upper and lower edges also bend over their edges. It's not the first phone to do this, as the Huawei P40 Pro has the same design, but it's still a new design. The camera module on the back has a completely new, unique design that makes the phone feel more interesting in terms of design. The back cover is made of plastic that has been covered by several layers of happy and the edges around the phone are made of aluminum, but there are also more exclusive variants with the back cover covered in leather. The fingerprint reader is located below the surface of t

Samsung Galaxy A42

The sequel to the Samsung Galaxy A41 has become larger and it comes with both a larger amount of built-in memory and a much larger battery. Samsung Galaxy A42 is a budget mobile in the upper-middle segment which is both an upgrade and a downgrade. It also has 5G support and is thus future-proof, but it is good to know that the 5G network is far from finished.  Samsung Galaxy A42 has a larger display but the display resolution is sadly very low. The display is flat, the long sides do not bend over the edges in other words and the frames around the display are relatively thin but far from as extremely thin as with the flagship mobiles. The edges around the phone and back are completely constructed of plastic. The back piece has a unique design in that it consists of four different color shades divided into sections with darker colors in the top part and lighter colors down to the bottom. It's nice that Samsung is testing something new purely in terms of design, but the design does no

What exactly is a smartphone?

Today, almost everyone in our society owns their own smartphone, but some of these people still use their smartphone basically just like a regular phone. You make calls and not much more than that. For that kind of user, a smartphone becomes a bit of a premium because it does not even use a fraction of its features. A smartphone is a phone with very advanced features. It is a mobile phone with an integrated powerful computer that you always have available to surf the web, watch streaming movies, listen to music, and play mobile games to name a few things you can do with it. Many consumers use their smartphones to hang out with friends, family, and be active on social media. This technical gadget that combines a PDA with a mobile phone has become something incredibly big and that smartphones have become so popular is not very strange. The compact shape paired with the great variety of what you can do with a smartphone is the reason why everyone has their own personal smartphone with the

A classic smartphone from the past.

BlackBerry Passport, a smartphone launched in 2014, was a pure productivity machine and a mobile phone aimed at professional industrialists with its business-focused features. It had for its time powerful performance, a lot of smart features, and fantastic build quality. Its square design, the unusually small display, and the keyboard made it look completely different from all other mobile phones on the market. The alternative form factor makes the phone a unique and attractive smartphone. The shape is very reminiscent of a passport hence the name Passport. The edges around both the keys and around the edges of the phone are made of stainless steel and the back is made of soft rubber-coated plastic which is comfortable to grip. It is clear that the design of the BlackBerry Passport fits more in an inner pocket of a jacket than in a jeans pocket. This mobile phone has an ergonomic physical keyboard whose experience when using it is not at all comparable to a touch screen keyboard. It is

Harmony OS

Huawei has started preparing to replace Google's Android operating system with its very own operating system Harmony OS in its mobile phones sometime next year (2021). The beta version of this smartphone-compatible system was unveiled by Huawei on December 16, 2020, in Beijing. 2020 was a difficult year for the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei, whose mobile phone business was blacklisted by the US, which caused a ban on doing business with US companies such as Google. This leads, among other things, to a lack of access to Google's apps and services, but this in turn also affects the range of applications from other companies. Companies that do not necessarily have to be American. Huawei has therefore had to invest heavily in its own app store Huawei AppGallery, but there is not at all as large a selection of popular apps as with the Google PlayStore. The blacklisting was realized in May 2019 and it led to new mobile phones such as the Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei Mate 40 P

Is a mobile phone a good gift?

A modern smartphone can be a fantastic Valentine gift or birthday gift for someone you like. You give not only a mobile phone but also a music player, camera, slot machine, video player, a web browser and much more in a single gift. But at the same time, it can be a risky idea to give a mobile phone as a gift.  Buying one for someone other than yourself can be a bit complicated. If you do not know if the person even wants a smartphone or which operating system or brand, it can lead to dissatisfaction. For example, giving an iPhone 12 to someone who has never used mobile from Apple and who is already firmly rooted in the Android operating system and thus does not want to change systems is just a failure. For most people, a smartphone is a personal device that you carry with you at all times and that you use several times a day, and then it is important that you own a model that you enjoy. It is also important that it has good enough specifications to suit the person who will use it. The