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A classic smartphone from the past.

BlackBerry Passport, a smartphone launched in 2014, was a pure productivity machine and a mobile phone aimed at professional industrialists with its business-focused features. It had for its time powerful performance, a lot of smart features, and fantastic build quality. Its square design, the unusually small display, and the keyboard made it look completely different from all other mobile phones on the market.
The alternative form factor makes the phone a unique and attractive smartphone. The shape is very reminiscent of a passport hence the name Passport.
The edges around both the keys and around the edges of the phone are made of stainless steel and the back is made of soft rubber-coated plastic which is comfortable to grip.
It is clear that the design of the BlackBerry Passport fits more in an inner pocket of a jacket than in a jeans pocket.
This mobile phone has an ergonomic physical keyboard whose experience when using it is not at all comparable to a touch screen keyboard. It is ergonomically designed and this means that when writing longer texts it becomes more comfortable for the writer.

Now in 2020, six years after the launch of the Blackberry Passport, one cannot help but understand how unique this mobile phone was when it arrived and how unique it still is. Blackberry has since abandoned its own operating system Blackberry OS and now uses Android in its newer mobile phones instead.
Security is built into every layer of Blackberry Passport software. BlackBerry has over 50 security certifications and approvals, more than any other mobile manufacturer.
The specifications follow what that year's flagship mobiles had under the chassis and it is clear that the development has taken many steps forward since then. After all, it is six years ago that the Blackberry Passport was launched, an infinity in the mobile world.
The processor was a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor at 2.26 GHz and the RAM was 3 GB with a built-in memory of 32 GB. So no performance that would impress anyone in 2020, but then it was the very best performance you could get.
Blackberry Passport had a small LCD display of 4.5 inches and with such a minimal display you understand that the mobile phone was never meant to be mainstream. Playing mobile games, watching Netflix or YouTube was hardly a pleasure on such a small display. This mobile phone was instead developed to be a safe and effective work tool for business people and people with administrative tasks at larger companies and organizations. As such, it was absolutely amazing.
The battery was 3450 mAh and the operating system was Blackberry OS 10.3, which as previously mentioned was Blackberry's completely own now discontinued operating system. 
It is clear that it is not directly a good idea to use a Blackberry Passport today, but it is quite interesting to look back on what has been a nostalgic feeling.