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Is a mobile phone a good gift?

A modern smartphone can be a fantastic Valentine gift or birthday gift for someone you like. You give not only a mobile phone but also a music player, camera, slot machine, video player, a web browser and much more in a single gift.

But at the same time, it can be a risky idea to give a mobile phone as a gift. 
Buying one for someone other than yourself can be a bit complicated. If you do not know if the person even wants a smartphone or which operating system or brand, it can lead to dissatisfaction. For example, giving an iPhone 12 to someone who has never used mobile from Apple and who is already firmly rooted in the Android operating system and thus does not want to change systems is just a failure.
For most people, a smartphone is a personal device that you carry with you at all times and that you use several times a day, and then it is important that you own a model that you enjoy. It is also important that it has good enough specifications to suit the person who will use it.
There are different categories when it comes to mobile phones, ranging from low budget mobiles to top mobiles.
If the cell phone you have given away is lagging, it is generally tough and the person you have given it to will get annoyed quite quickly.

Buying a new smartphone as a Christmas present can also be a matter of poor timing at least for the type of user who would like to own one of the latest top models. When you order a smartphone at Christmas, it is not too long a time before the new year's flagship mobiles are presented and when that is the case, that Christmas present is considered to have already become old. Is it still worth buying a Samsung Galaxy S20 by Christmas 2020 when the Samsung Galaxy S21 will be released in just a few months?
In addition, there is the imminent risk of paying too much because the mobile phone will probably cost more before the new year's models have been presented. Last year's flagship mobiles usually drop in price after newer models have started to be sold in stores and then it will be easier to find better prices. It undeniably feels a bit sour to have bought a smartphone at a high price to see after a short period of time that the exact same smartphone costs significantly less than what you yourself have paid.
I do not recommend buying a mobile phone and giving it as a gift if you do not know in advance what type of mobile phone the person likes. If you do not know, it is good to discreetly find out this before placing your order. Just because you happen to like the latest model from Huawei does not mean that everyone else thinks the same. 
If you instead want to buy a new smartphone for yourself, it would be smart to wait to order that mobile you have been thinking about all year and wait with a purchase until the successor has been launched because then you can get a better price. There is money to be made here.
Ordering that new, exciting mobile phone the same day it officially goes on sale is a mistake for most people. To maximize the savings you make, you have to be smart and patient and simply wait until the phone goes down in price. A new smartphone is often the most expensive right after it has been launched. 
Some mobile phones will not be the big sales successes the mobile manufacturer has thought they would be and in such a case you can of course get the chance to order the mobile at an even lower price already after only a few months after launch.
Always before ordering a new smartphone, it is important to compare the market. Compare different mobile phones and compare performance, features, and prices before making your decision.