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What can we expect from smartphones 2021?

Every year, new fantastic smartphones are launched in all price ranges and categories that both entertain us and help us in our everyday lives.
Smartphones have become extremely important in people's lives. Your mobile phone is no longer just a tool for communicating with others, but you use it for so much more than that. Although some users do not seem to really understand it.
In addition to just making calls, you use your mobile phones to manage your finances, improve your health (exercise apps, pedometers, etc.), watch movies, play mobile games, and more. It is the fact that smartphones have so many uses that make them so interesting and that is what has greatly contributed to their popularity.
For each year, the development takes several steps forward and this year is no exception.
As usual, the new top processors will still be more powerful than the previous ones, but what more will we see in this year's mobile phones? 

The display image update frequencies will increase further and provide a smoother experience when browsing the menus or surfing the web, among other things. This feature that was previously reserved for flagship mobiles will now more and more also reach slightly cheaper categories of mobile phones.
By 2021, it is clear that more phones than ever will have 5G support. New processors in the middle segment are likely to add to the new connection standard so that more people, at least in theory, have access to the 5G network's functions. The brand new 5G network is far from expanded, which means that the chance of being able to use 5G is small.
Last year, it became common with fingerprint readers under-display surfaces and this year, mobile phones that have the selfie camera literally under the surface of the display are starting to appear.
It is expected that at least three manufacturers will bring selfie cameras under the display in 2021..
Ultra-fast wireless charging that can fully charge the batteries within thirty minutes is also something that comes to some of the new flagship mobiles. It is usually the case that new technology and new design first appear on the expensive top mobiles too, after a year or so, even reach budget mobiles in the upper-middle segment.
Camera quality is an excellent example of this and as usual, we will see a higher image quality overall and even low budget mobiles will see an improvement on that front. Although the big change is taking place with flagship mobiles and budget mobiles in the upper-middle segment.
Several mobile manufacturers are working to reduce the production costs of foldable mobile phones in order to reduce pricing and thus make them more accessible to the public. Of course, this does not mean that they will be cheap just that they will get a slightly more affordable price than the extremely high prices previously foldable mobile phones have had.
Ultra-broadband chip used for smartphones to recognize each other faster to be able to exchange files with each other is a technology that will begin to be used in several mobiles this year.
That technology is faster and more accurate than today's technology, and when you use your mobile phone's GPS to find Google Maps, for example, the accuracy is a few centimeters instead of a few meters.
We are expected to see an increase in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in applications. Instead of using simple programming to give the impression of intelligence, we will see a number of apps that work intelligently and independently.
The flagship mobiles from 2021 will be largely equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, which can survive falls from up to 2 meters against hard and rough surfaces. That glass is more durable than its predecessor Gorilla Glass 6. This will probably lead to slightly cheaper mobile phones to a greater extent to use Gorilla Glass 6 due to the glass falling in price when the sequel hits the market.
We will witness new innovative technology in the field of smartphones that will provide even thinner frames around the displays, thinner mobile phones, and new designs in several ways.
The mobile manufacturers are currently planning to launch their new models and it seems on the whole to be an interesting mobile year we have ahead of us. 
Now it's just a matter of sitting down and waiting for what the future has to show in the mobile market.