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What exactly is a smartphone?

Today, almost everyone in our society owns their own smartphone, but some of these people still use their smartphone basically just like a regular phone. You make calls and not much more than that. For that kind of user, a smartphone becomes a bit of a premium because it does not even use a fraction of its features.
A smartphone is a phone with very advanced features. It is a mobile phone with an integrated powerful computer that you always have available to surf the web, watch streaming movies, listen to music, and play mobile games to name a few things you can do with it.
Many consumers use their smartphones to hang out with friends, family, and be active on social media.
This technical gadget that combines a PDA with a mobile phone has become something incredibly big and that smartphones have become so popular is not very strange.

The compact shape paired with the great variety of what you can do with a smartphone is the reason why everyone has their own personal smartphone with them wherever you go.
Although the screen size is a limitation compared to desktop monitors, the sizes of the display have increased while the quality of the displays has improved over the years. Today's large displays are excellent for reading e-mails, reading texts online, watching movies, listening to music, taking pictures, and filming videos, and paying bills. It is also possible to order products from online stores via the internet and to navigate digital maps. It is even possible to pay with your mobile phone in physical stores instead of using an ATM card or credit card.
Each smartphone has a personal assistant who can provide information and answer the user's questions.
Because a smartphone is generally within reach, it is much more personal than a personal computer. 
There are a variety of brands and categories when it comes to mobile phones and there is, therefore, a smartphone for all different types of users. Everything from the simple, basic user who basically only calls and sends text messages with his smartphone to the hardcore user who uses his mobile phone for all conceivable tasks such as playing technically demanding mobile games, writing texts, managing his finances, watching movies, listening to music and more.
Of course, these different types of users do not have the same requirements for their smartphones. The base user could manage with a low-budget mobile while the more demanding user needs a powerful flagship mobile.