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When is it time to change your mobile phone?

A major problem with modern smartphones is that they become obsolete fairly quickly. You can own an expensive flagship mobile and it will be obsolete already after one year if you want to own the very best that there is to offer. Every year we see a small but important development of technology with more powerful processors, new functions, and new technology. Even people who do not think it is so important to have the latest top mobiles will relatively soon have to think about getting a new one.
We use our smartphones for more and we install more applications to perform different tasks. Apps take up space and need to be updated regularly, which consumes more of the phone's built-in memory. Eventually, the memory capacity will run out. Therefore, it is best to have a cell phone with a lot of built-in memory.
The most common reason why you need to look for a new smartphone is that it has become so obsolete that it is no longer able to perform the basic tasks in an acceptable way. The solution will be to buy a new smartphone.

Mobile phones usually work optimally for two to three years and after that, it goes downhill quickly and many annoying problems with the mobile phone occur. 
If you have chosen a low-budget mobile phone, it may have technical problems even earlier than that due to several factors such as the processor being weak from the start, the amount of built-in memory is small even when unpacking the phone for the first time and the operating system probably never get any updates. When ordering this type of smartphone, you must keep in mind that there is a risk that you will have to get a new one prematurely. I would avoid that category of mobile phones altogether if I have the financial means and at least invest in a slightly better budget mobile in the middle segment.
Apps rely on a relatively new version of your operating system, that your mobile phone has enough RAM memory, a not too weak processor, and enough memory capacity to work. If you have an overly old mobile phone or a low-budget mobile with a weaker processor, you can not use the app you would like to use.
The power of the processor is an often overlooked aspect that is missed when choosing a new smartphone. Many people do not seem to have any idea what a good processor is and how incredibly important it is to provide a good cell phone experience.
When in doubt, always look for a phone that runs an eight-core processor instead of a fitted core. It is obvious that your smartphone will cost more if you have a more powerful processor but the performance will be much better and you can probably keep the same smartphone a little longer.
If you choose a mobile with a weak and slow processor, it will be annoyingly tough and difficult to use in a short time.
The processor locks and reacts slowly and these problems get worse in less time if you use an older cheaper mobile phone with a weak processor and a small amount of RAM. I usually recommend a RAM of at least 4 GB and a built-in memory of at least 64 GB.
When the phone's internal memory becomes full, the mobile phone becomes sluggish. We all take lots of pictures and have many apps on our mobile phones. Both apps that we have downloaded ourselves and those that the mobile manufacturer has pre-installed for us.
When your mobile phone no longer has the necessary capacity to support your use, it's time to upgrade.
You can see the mobile phone's internal memory as a drawer and if your drawer is small, you quickly fill it up, but if your drawer is large, it takes longer until the drawer is filled to the brim with things. When you cram in too many things, the drawer becomes difficult to open. The same goes for cell phones.
The majority of today's slightly better mobile phones have batteries around 4000 mAh and because these batteries in modern smartphones are not possible to easily replace with a new one when it starts to get worse, it becomes important to have a mobile with a not too old battery. Batteries charge less with time, so in the beginning, when your mobile phone is brand new, it charges completely, but after a period of use, it no longer becomes real so your mobile phone's battery becomes empty faster.
Using a mobile phone that you only have time to use between one or two hours before it becomes empty is of course difficult and it does not improve over time. Rather the opposite.
It is so incredibly much more important than many people think to make sure to check the specifications before actually ordering a new smartphone.
Many people just seem to go by design, brand, and price and ignore reading about their mobile phone before placing their order.